Cách chơi game Big Tower Tiny Square

  • Di chuyển
    Nhảy / Swim
    Chơi lạifrom the last checkpoint

Trò chơi Big Tower Tiny Square

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Chi tiết game Big Tower Tiny Square

Big Tower Tiny Square is the very first instalment of the critically acclaimed series of the same name, created by Evil Objective, an independent game development studio. Your best friend Pineapple has been stolen by Big Square and taken to the top of a deathtrap-filled Big Tower. Climb the Big Tower, Tiny Square, and rescue Pineapple! Dodge bullets, leap lava pits, and wall-jump your way up the Big Tower in this tough-but-fair platformer. Anyone can do that, right? Sure, the controls are easy, and the obstacles are fair. But do you have the skill necessary to make it to the top? Precision is key to success! No sprint, no double-jump, and no floaty controls! Just quick deaths and generous respawn points. Have fun playing Big Tower Tiny Square at NetGameVN.com!