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Trò chơi Lizard Day Hunt

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Chi tiết game Lizard Day Hunt

Lizard Day Hunt is a fun game of catching lizards! To pass the level, you have to get at least that amount of creatures on your hands, and you can be sure that the other guys will be proud of you and your efforts. Catch the lizards while they are crawling around the place by clicking them whenever you see one. Because their bodies are so small in size, they can hide almost anywhere, and to an inexperienced eye, they might be hard to spot. Once clicked, the animal will disappear from the screen, and the number on the lizard counter will get higher. Keep out a sharp eye because sometimes they might be hiding in some weird places, from a bag of crisps to a pipe or even inside a garbage bag. Are you ready to catch lizard? Enjoy playing Lizard Day Hunt here at NetGameVN.com!