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Chi tiết game Nick Arcade Action

Nick Game vui, game giải trí Action is a fun 3 mini game combining the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Games, Spongebob Games as well as the Sanjay and Craig Games categories, which are all inspired by shows running on this network, and this Game vui, game giải trí game gives you the chance of playing different games. They are called Go Ninja Go, Winging It, and Chum Chop. In Go Ninja Go, you move using the right and left arrow keys, and you jump using the spacebar. Avoid the trains and other obstacles you encounter but grab the required items to get bonus points and advance. In Winging It, move using the same arrow keys, use the space bar to swing over pits, since falling into them means losing while avoiding obstacles and grabbing golden items for points. In Chum Chop you use the four arrow keys to run and climb, the spacebar to jump, as you have to climb to the top and avoid the barrels while getting items for points and also power-ups. Enjoy playing Nick Game vui, game giải trí Action game here at NetGameVN.com!