Cách chơi game Teen Titans Go: Rock-n-Raven

  • Chọn / Stunts

Trò chơi Teen Titans Go: Rock-n-Raven

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Chi tiết game Teen Titans Go: Rock-n-Raven

Teen Titans Go: Rock-n-Raven plenty of children who will be eager to play this game, which we will now explain so that you have no problems playing it. Use buttons on the Trick Meter to perform tricks for points. Enter the ramp cleanly to bank your points and gain speed. Keep the Trick Meter full to earn even more points. Answer Robin's requests to build a combo and boost your score. You should click on the buttons at the exact same time that you are taking off the ramp, or otherwise you are going to lose points, and the tricks will not work, something you certainly do not want to happen, right? We are sure that you understood all there is to be understand about the game, so try it right now, and surely you will enjoy it from the first moment you play it! A lot more cartoon games only on NetGameVN.com